Aircraft Management

Montgomery Aero Enterprises is offering executive aircraft management and maintenance services for the Chattanooga and surrounding areas. Our business focuses on providing the highest level of service in aircraft maintenance, aircraft management, aircraft sales, acquisitions, and fixed base operations.
In all aspects of our operation, our goal is to exceed every client’s expectations. Montgomery Aero Enterprises team can manage your aircraft anywhere in the United States, overseeing all maintenance and operational details wherever you need them.
Additionally, we have the capability at our facilities to conduct a majority of maintenance needs that corporate aircraft may require to meet or exceed the FAA stringent requirements for safety and to meet the most scrutinizing requirements of a client requiring safety and timely service for their aircraft.
Montgomery Aero Enterprises is based in Athens Tennessee at the Athens McMinn County Airport (KMMI) and has a full Service FBO in partnership with Athens Air, LLC. that offers premium FBO service, including fuel sales, aircraft management, rental car service and much more.
At our Athens location we have our full service maintenance, our 14,000-sqaurefoot hanger is available for aircraft storage and we conduct light and routine maintenance to in depth cycle checks on most piston and turbo prop aircraft. .
Presently, we manage several aircraft from large to mid and small sizes, including multiple Cessna 421 through 441 series twin engine aircraft to small single engine private aircraft. Montgomery Aero Enterprises team is highly skilled in all aspects of aircraft management, charter and maintenance, accumulating years of hands-on experience.
Our team has established close business relationships throughout the aviation and business community locally around the world. Regardless of the destination or the aircraft, every client we work with has the full support of Montgomery Aero Enterprises.
Montgomery Aero Enterprises understands that corporate aircraft are valuable assets that need to be wisely and efficiently managed. Our company offers management services that provide owners with professional, turnkey guidance to guarantee a successful ownership experience. It’s designed to allow owner control without the day-to-day responsibility associated with aircraft ownership.
From operations to maintenance arrangements, from crew selection to training and dispatch, Montgomery Aero Enterprises handles the technical and administrative details. Whatever you need be it a special arrangement, unusual schedule, ground transportation, international handling or landing permits our team will manage it.
To keep you abreast, Montgomery Aero Enterprises supplies comprehensive management statements itemizing aircraft utilization, expenditures and charter revenues. We offer various levels of programs, ranging from all-inclusive management to customized management that allows you to choose the features and benefits that suit your unique requirements.
Entering into an aircraft management agreement with Montgomery Aero Enterprises affords you immediate utilization of a full service flight department. All aspects of aircraft operation and maintenance are contained in the management agreement, including crew selection and training, flight scheduling, dispatch, flight following, maintenance coordination, charter sales and accounting. We also offer additional fee services, such as aircraft purchase, consultation, aircraft leasing, pre-purchase inspections and marketing of previously owned aircraft.
We know what it takes to manage an aircraft, and our program has achieved an excellent reputation for reducing your operating costs while relieving you of the rigors of managing an aircraft. Each month, you’ll receive a management statement detailing all aircraft activity, incurred costs and charter revenue. Our operations, maintenance and accounting managers, will work with you one-on-one to answer any questions that arise and ensure your complete understanding of the management statement. The comprehensive monthly report will also include copies of all invoices related to the aircraft.
As the aircraft owner, you are always in control of who flies your plane. Montgomery Aero Enterprises is fully prepared to handle the day-to-day management of your flight crew or we can leave it in your capable hands, we’ll manage the crew at any level you desire.
Rest assured, Montgomery Aero Enterprises selects only the most qualified pilots with extensive flight experience. For your aircraft, we will screen and identify crew members, from pilots to cabin attendants, for your consideration, and you will have final approval for all recommended individuals.
We’ll handle flight scheduling, vacation and sick days. Should an aircraft have a preexisting flight crew, we will work with them and train them in our policies and procedures to ensure a cohesive working relationship. Once selected, pilots are required to complete our comprehensive in-house curriculum conducted by our Chief Pilot and Director of Operations, as well as FAA required training.
Company indoctrination classes include intensive review of company policies and FAA regulations. Pilot training is included as a budget expense in your management contract. Aircraft systems training and simulator training will be conducted at FlightSafety and SimCom, or other equivalent FAA training program.
Captains will fly up to two check rides each year, conducted either in a simulator or aircraft. If your aircraft has a flight attendant, they will be trained to provide comprehensive in-flight service and schooled to handle emergencies. All pilots will receive required Second or First Class physical examinations and participate in the FAA’s required drug and alcohol screening programs.
Montgomery Aero Enterprises follows manufacturers’ recommendations and subscribes to computerized maintenance tracking programs. All scheduled and unscheduled aircraft maintenance is supervised by our director of Maintenance, and performed by our staff or a qualified outside vendor.
Heavy maintenance is arranged with the aircraft manufacturer or major service centers and is monitored by our personnel. Work performed by Montgomery Aero Enterprises is billed on an hourly basis as performed by the technician.
Aircraft parts are purchased under out fleet discount plan. Consideration is given to price and availability to ensure the timely departure of every flight. Montgomery Aero Enterprises conducts a conformity inspection on all new aircraft to our fleet to ensure that its condition and equipment, as well as its maintenance status, allow it to be operated legally and safely under FAA regulations.
Any deficiencies will be brought to your attention and we will obtain bids and supervise the accomplishment of each specific task, per your approval.
Montgomery Aero Enterprises maintains 24-hour scheduling and dispatch. All trip details can be handled by our dispatch department and coordinated with the owner or appropriate office personnel. Charter flights are scheduled only after obtaining owner approval.
Information concerning flight times, airports, fixed base operators, international requirements, weather, catering, ground transportation and hotels is available through the dispatch office. We act as your personal flight department and are flexible and responsive to your aviation needs. Our extensive contacts direct handling, eliminating third party charges saving owners as much as 50 percent on international fees. Flights are closely tracked and precise arrival times are available upon request. Extreme care and individual attention is given to flight preparation and special requests.
Montgomery Aero Enterprises has dedicated personnel to maintain the appearance of your aircraft. Exterior and interior cleaning services, including upholstery and carpeting, are available to keep your aircraft looking top-notch.
Larger aircraft will have an assigned flight attendant who will be responsible for stocking your plane. We maintain a supply of crystal, china, flatware, linens and paper goods, snacks, wine, beer and liquors for the galley. If you have a special request, we’ll take care of you.
Montgomery Aero Enterprises services go well beyond aircraft management and charter. Based on our experience, we have also established programs that include aircraft sales, aircraft budget and analysis, as well as aircraft acquisition consulting. Whatever your business needs, Montgomery Aero Enterprises has you covered.
As important a decision it is to choose an aircraft, it is equally important to choose a management Company. Montgomery Aero Enterprises is not the largest management company that you could choose; however, we do our best.
We feel that as a smaller operation, we can provide you and your company a more intimate and personalized service. We will cater to your needs and requirements. We will be flexible and are willing to change as needed to better serve you.
By chartering your aircraft, we are able to offset some or all of the fixed costs associated with your aircraft. It enables you to generate revenue on your aircraft when it is not being used for business.
Montgomery Aero Enterprises charter and lease program is structured to accommodate your needs as the owner by generating charter around your usage with your approval. You will have the opportunity to approve all charter trips prior to being booked. Once flown, we will provide scheduling, invoice preparation and guaranteed collection.
For each hour of charter flown, you are paid a fixed rate per flight hour, as designated in the management agreement. This income is summarized on the charter revenue statement included in our monthly management statement.
We have been very successful in offsetting owner fixed costs and even the cost of owner flying when the aircraft has been made available to us for charter or lease operations.
The charter management program is structured to accommodate your needs as an owner and offers significant benefits with no risk.

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